Monday, August 25, 2008

Estamos prontos para a geração ¨Y¨?

(Contribuição de Ana Maria Balboni Palma, coordenadora pedagógica de Cel Lep)

Attracting the twentysomething worker
The baby-boomers' kids are marching into the workplace, and look out: This crop of twentysomethings really is different.
By Nadira A. Hira, Fortune writer-reporter
May 15 2007: 3:10 PM EDT

(Fortune Magazine) -- Nearly every businessperson over 30 has done it: sat in his office after a staff meeting and - reflecting upon the 25-year-old colleague with two tattoos, a piercing, no watch and a shameless propensity for chatting up the boss - wondered, What is with that guy?!

At once a hipster and a climber, he is all nonchalance and expectation. He is new, he is annoying, and he and his female counterparts are invading corporate offices across America.

Generation Y: Its members are different in many respects, from their upbringing to their politics. But it might be their effect on the workplace that makes them truly noteworthy - more so than other generations of twentysomethings that writers have been collectively profiling since time immemorial.

They're ambitious, they're demanding and they question everything, so if there isn't a good reason for that long commute or late night, don't expect them to do it. When it comes to loyalty, the companies they work for are last on their list - behind their families, their friends, their communities, their co-workers and, of course, themselves.

But there are a whole lot of them. And as the baby-boomers begin to retire, triggering a ballyhooed worker shortage, businesses are realizing that they may have no choice but to accommodate these curious Gen Y creatures. Especially because if they don't, the creatures will simply go home to their parents, who in all likelihood will welcome them back.

Some 64 million skilled workers will be able to retire by the end of this decade, according to the Conference Board, and companies will need to go the extra mile to replace them, even if it means putting up with some outsized expectations. There is a precedent for this: In April 1969, Fortune wrote, "Because the demand for their services so greatly exceeds the supply, young graduates are in a strong position to dictate terms to their prospective employers. Young employees are demanding that they be given productive tasks to do from the first day of work, and that the people they work for notice and react to their performance."

Those were the early baby-boomers, and - with their '60s sensibility and navel-gazing - they left their mark on just about every institution they passed through. Now come their children, to confound them. The kids - self-absorbed, gregarious, multitasking, loud, optimistic, pierced - are exactly what the boomers raised them to be, and now they're being themselves all over the business world.
It's going to be great.

"This is the most high-maintenance workforce in the history of the world," says Bruce Tulgan, the founder of leading generational-research firm RainmakerThinking. "The good news is they're also going to be the most high-performing workforce in the history of the world. They walk in with more information in their heads, more information at their fingertips - and, sure, they have high expectations, but they have the highest expectations first and foremost for themselves."

The creature in the wild: Joshua Butler, audit associate, KPMG

With his broad networker's smile, stiff white collar, Joshua Butler has the accouterments of an accountant. Even so, he looks a little out of place in a KPMG conference room. At 22, he's 6-foot-2 and 230 pounds, with a body made for gladiator movies. A native of suburban Washington, D.C., Butler chose accounting after graduating from Howard University because he wanted "transferable skills."

At KPMG he's getting them - and more: The firm has let him arrange his schedule to train for a bodybuilding competition, and he's on its tennis team. Even before that, KPMG got his attention when it agreed to move him to New York, his chosen city. "It made me say, 'You know what? This firm has shown a commitment to me. Let me in turn show some commitment to the firm.'" He pauses, a twinkle in his eye. "So this is a merger, if you will - Josh and KPMG."

Boomers, know this: You are outnumbered. There are 78.5 million of you, according to Census Bureau figures, and 79.8 million members of Gen Y (for our purposes, those born between 1977 and 1995). And the new generation shares more than just an age bracket.

They also share a profile. And what a profile it is. As the rest of the nation agonizes over obesity, Gen Yers always seem to be at the gym. More than a third of 18- to 25-year-olds surveyed by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press have a tattoo, and 30 percent have a piercing somewhere besides their earlobe. But those are considered stylish, not rebellious.

And speaking of fashion, this isn't a group you'll catch in flannel. They're all about quiet kitsch - a funky T-shirt under a blazer, artsy jewelry, silly socks - small statements that won't cause trouble. The most important decorations, though, are electronic - iPods, BlackBerrys, laptops - and they're like extra limbs. Nothing is more hilarious than catching a Gen Yer in public without one of those essentials.

Never mind that they often need an entire team - and a couple of cheerleaders - to do anything. For some of them the concept "work ethic" needs rethinking. "I had a conversation with the CFO of a big company in New York," says Tamara Erickson, co-author of the 2006 book "Workforce Crisis," "and he said, 'I can't find anyone to hire who's willing to work 60 hours a week. Can you talk to them?' And I said, 'Why don't I start by talking to you? What they're really telling you is that they're sorry it takes you so long to get your work done.'"

That isn't the only rethinking Gen Yers have done. Their widespread consumption of uniform media has had some positive effects. Girls watch sports and play videogames, and no one thinks twice about it. Race is even less of an issue for Gen Yers, especially because they're generally accustomed to diversity.
Of course, Gen Yers have been told since they were toddlers that they can be anything they can imagine. It's an idea they clung to as they grew up and as their outlook was shaken by the Columbine shootings and 9/11. More than the nuclear threat of their parents' day, those attacks were immediate, potentially personal, and completely unpredictable. And each new clip of Al Gore spreading inconvenient truths or of polar bears drowning from lack of ice told Gen Yers they were not promised a healthy, happy tomorrow. So they're determined to live their best lives now.

Spot the Gen Y

Big headphones
A boombox for the ears, because even Jessica Simpson is better with bass (and they look good).

Hipster clothes
Jeans, sneakers, hoodie - and a jacket? Behold, the new corporate uniform.

Yoga mat
He isn't a Gen Y if he isn't into "wellness."

It's how Gen Y does work. Who needs the office when you've got cafes, parks and your own living room?

Designer coffee
Half-caf, nonfat, short, tall and sometimes not coffee at all, it's a Gen Y staple.

E-mail is only the beginning. Gen Y craves connection, and these gadgets are the fix.

Digital camera
A must for Gen Yers to chronicle their fascinating lives (and post them all over cyberspace).

The identifying mark of the Gen Y flock. Enough said.

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Monday, April 07, 2008


Estou tutoriando um grupo de EAD com base na Universidade de Milão em conjunto com o Instituto Goethe de Munique para formar professores de lingua alemã no norte árabe da Africa.

Meu grupo constitui-se basicamente de professoras da Algeria e Egito.

Trabalhamos sobre a plataforma Moodle e desenvolvemos em conjunto uma unidade de ensino multimediática para uma classe de Nível B1 (do Conselho Eurpeu de referências).

A diversidade cultural e as diferenças, ao contrário do que se espera é valiosa no ensino a distância. Da cooperação e da troca, do ensinar e aprender em conjunto é que nasce o objeto principal do EAD: aprendizado legítimo.

Meu maior desafio como tutor é humanizar a Plataforma transformando-a quase que num ponto de encontro de seres humanos por detrás das maquinas.

Nosso Projeto fala sobre a Cultura culinária e Alimentação no Mundo. e se encontra sob o link:

Friday, January 25, 2008

Palestra Proferida no Instituto de Ensino Mauá
em 26.Janeiro 2008

A casa e a escola:Erziehung zur Mündigkeit, L´être et le néant
Dois espaços de ações específicas
Marcos Ueda: Diálogo com Adorno e Sartre.

Criar Vínculos
Não seja profissional com seu filho: mais afeto, menos críticas.
Atividades para convívio
Leitura de fotos
Livros por todo lado
Jogos: Mímica
Caminhar juntos olhando para cima!
Reunião da semana sem TV

Pisar no freio de suas relações
Não incentivo ao consumo: presa fácil
Um olhar amoroso para o planeta (contemplar)

Ensinar no convívio
Observar a melhor idade (paciência)

A escola como instituição social
A complexidade das relações escolares
Um cenário de relacionamento
Espaço de desenvolvimento ético e de valores
Espaço da diversidade

Bem vindos ao I.E.Barão de Mauá
É possível ... arar, semear, plantar, nascer, adubar, fortalecer, podar, florescer e colher.

Sustentabilidade: do Planeta aos relacionamentos
Nosso modo de vida não se sustenta mais!
3 Rs: Reciclar, reutilizar e reduzir

Ética e Valores
Ética: quero? Posso? Devo?
Ação correta
Não violência

Uso adequado do tempo
Você só vive 1 vez
Evite tarefas múltiplas
Festeje com rituais
Deguste o trivial
(abraços, refeição)

Administrando seu tempo
Tarefas não cumpridas
Sinta seu ritmo
Presenteie-se frugalmente
A visão do consumo ocidental
Esvazie para poder encher
Para que realmente quero isso.
Limpeza de inverno

Uso adequado da energia vital
nQuanto prazer você vive?
n1 hora por semana
nRespire (anima,inspiração)
nCaminhe ao sol, cheire
nEncontre algo apaixonante

Estar bem para poder cuidar
Cuide de você: Hardware/Software: respire, alongue-se, tome uma ducha, ligue para um amigo, acaricie seu filho.
Primeiro sua máscara de oxigênio (lista)

Ajude e peça ajuda!
Mude pequenos hábitos: use caminhos diferentes, tome banho no escuro, use cabelo diferente.
Surpreenda com o convívio ( romã)

¨Tu repousarás¨
Seja Generoso
Busque a natureza
Ouça música
Crie um refúgio sagrado

O Barao de Mauá e
Projeto In School Cel-lep
agradecem sua presença